Sustainability Through Innovation

Allowing net zero emission services to the Plug & Abandonment, Well Intervention and Drilling markets

Field proven innovative and energy efficient solutions

Net zero test site for wellbore testing

A new take on financial sustainability for the oil and gas industry

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The Megatrack concept gives the energy consumers and producers, the tool to meet future goals.

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Onshore test site

Net zero test site for wellbore testing

PWS and GMC has developed a test well at joint location in Mekjarvik, Norway.

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Land drilling solutions

The Megatrack

The innovative Megatrack rig for land use, which moves from well to well, fully assembled on integrated crawler tracks.

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Offshore Modular Rig Services

Drilling and P&A

Field proven cost and energy efficient solution for P&A, well intervention and drilling markets.

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Modular Rig Services

Auxiliary equipment

Important design criteria for the modular mud processing system is adaptation to space and weight limitations.

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Engineering design and operational knowledge

With substantial experience in Oil & Gas equipment design and manufacturing, we offer a complete solution to even the most complex engineering challenges.

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