Health, Safety and Environment

ZERO Mission

The global oil & gas industry demands commitment to delivering high levels of quality, safety and environmental protection. We continually strive to meet or exceed these expectations to ensure that we deliver our projects to the highest possible level.

Quality and HSE are at the core of everything we do and this guides the company's mission to strive for ZERO deviations.

Our core values are to:
  • have the energy, enthusiasm and courage to lead.
  • demonstrate integrity, respect and teamwork.
It is our policy to conduct our business to:
  • deliver a quality of service beyond our customers’ expectations.
  • perform work safely with a high regard for life and welfare.
The 4 principles that we base our QHSE performance on:
  1. We will take responsibility for our own safety and the safety of others.
  2. We will plan our work to prevent unsafe conditions and situations.
  3. We are responsible for identifying unsafe acts or conditions and taking action to resolve them.
  4. We will improve by learning from our experiences and those of others.
The 4 commitments that our people make:
  1. I believe in the four QHSE principles and I will follow the rules.
  2. I am always willing to learn and share my ideas.
  3. I will stop unsafe acts and will thank others if they stop me.
  4. I will do what I say I will do and others will count on me to deliver.

How our business is managed

The elements of our business management system enable us to deliver effective operations and services and meet the requirements of the ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards.  The system consists of these five following elements:

  • Leadership. Our main business expectations, policies and guidance about how the business is run.
  • Risk Management. Our expectations & guidance relating to how our risk management is organised, and how it should be undertaken, to manage the risks to our business, our people, our equipment, the environment and of course, others who may be affected by our business activities.
  • Organisation & Resources. The policies, procedures and guidance relating to how we are organised to manage our people, our equipment, our suppliers, our customers and of course, our data & information.
  • Operations. The methods of how the services we provide are planned, managed, reported and executed efficiently and safely.
  • Business Performance. Our expectations and guidance on how we monitor our business, reactively and proactively to prevent quality or HSE issues arising and how we capture, review and implement lessons that we learn if things don’t go to plan.