Modular Rig Services

Modular Mud processing system

Auxiliary equipment

Important design criteria for the modular mud processing system is adaptation to space and weight limitations.

The modular mud process system is designed and engineered to be road transport compliant with shipping lifts of 12,000 kgs. The units are suitable for long service in on and offshore environments and designed for oil based mud handling and containment. All electrical connections are plug and play in nature and allows for simple onsite construction and commissioning as well as dismantling and relocation. The current design enables a total volume of 206m3 however capacity can be altered as required.

Suitable for long service in offshore environment and frequent contact with relevant fluids
Designed for oil based mud handling/containment
Road transportable, without need for special arrangements
Maximum modular shipping lifts of 12,000 kg
Suitable for fluid weights up to 2.2 SG
Mud volume monitoring system
Modular units allow for simple on site construction and commissioning

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