Modular Rig Services

The modular super single rig, field proven on the Norwegian continental shelf

P&A and drilling

Petro Well Services provides services to the P&A, well intervention and drilling markets.

The modular rig units are cost efficient, as they only require a small number of offshore crew to operate. Petro Well Services delivers onshore management and support as well as offshore operational crew on our modular rig units.

Innovative modular rig with low POB
Well engineering studies
Crewing solutions
Project management and collaboration
Engineering and technical support

Technical specifications

Main Unit Footprint:
11.7m x 11.7m (38ft x 38ft)*
Substructure Foot Print:
4m x 4m (13ft x 13ft)
Total Height (with/without vent):
35m / 39m
Total System Weight:
415 Te (excluding mud system)
Weight on Derrick Feet:
308 Te
Nominal modules weight:
12000 Kg
Max. Continuous Drill Torque:
55.3 kN.m (40,800 ft.lbf)
Maximum Rotation Speed:
208 rpm
Maximum Torque (Make/Break):
81 kN.m (60,000 ft.lbf)
Nominal Hook Load:
225 Te (250 short ton)
Maximum Hook Load (stuck pipe):
300 Te (350 short ton)
Drill Pipe / Casing Range:
2-7/8in to 20in
Maximum Joint Length:
Range 3 drill pipe (13.7m / 45 ft)
Conductor Pulling Diameter Range:
16in to 30in
Maximum Tripping Speed:
30 Joints per hour
500 meters per hour
Rig Up Time:
3 to 6 weeks
3 to 4 weeks
Rig Down Time:
2 to 3 weeks
Crew Requirement:
10 POB (12 Man build crew)
Certification type:
DNVGL-OS-E101 drilling plant
NORSOK compliant
NORSOK Z-015 temporary equipment
* Foot print of main unit dependant on interface requirement and can be adjusted to suit location. Size shown is for the interface beams used to connect to the derrick footings on the Jotun B, alternative options include connection of the substructure to a BOP cathedral.

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