Land drilling solutions

Self moving rig for land operations

The Megatrack­­™ - Land drilling solutions

Innovative drilling rig solution for land use which moves from well to well, fully assembled on integrated crawler tracks. The derrick and drilling package will have the highest capacities in the industry and meet all drilling challenges.

The Megatrack™ solution removes the requirement for rig up/downtime when arriving/leaving at a new location. The unit encompasses onboard electrical and hydraulic power generation and has been designed to be self-sufficient whilst drilling. Onboard facilities incorporate wireline, coil tubing and well test packages, alongside a field proven drilling unit and modular mud system.

Environmental Impact Assessments, with zero emission, zero spills and zero interference with fauna and nature. Furthermore, it is set up to provide opportunities for installing wind turbines and the first big scale of global hydrogen production with carbon capture and storage (CCS). A new take on financial sustainability for the oil and gas industry.

No rig up time when arriving at new location
No rig down time after completing work at each location
Self-sufficient when drilling
Drilling Unit field proven on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
Onboard electrical and hydraulic power generation
Onboard facilities for wireline, coil tubing and well test packages
Reduced operating and support crew
Onboard modular mud package

Technical speCifications

40m x 20m (130ft x 65ft)
Total Height:
45m (150ft)
Total System Weight:
1200 Metric Tonne
Drive Speed:
Maximum Continuous Drilling Torque:
55.3 kN.m (40,800 ft.lbf)
Maximum Rotation Speed:
208 rpm
Maximum Torque(Make/Break):
81 kN.m (60,000 ft.lbf)
Nominal Hook Load:
225 Metric Tonne (250 Short Ton)
Maximum Hook Load:
300 Metric Tonne
(350 Short Ton)
Drill Pipe / Casing Range:
2-7/8in to 20in
Maximum Joint Length:
Range 3 Drill Pipe
(13.7m / 45ft)
Pipe Storage:
Horizontal, 300m2 Pipe Deck with dedicated Pipe Handling Crane
30 Joint per hour / 1350 ft per hour
BOP Closing Unit:
350 USG-7 Function Closing Unit
c/w 2 Remote Stations
Selected to suit application
Choke Manifold:
3.1/16in 10,000psi
Standpipe Manifold:
4.1/16in 5,000psi
Mud Tanks:
1296 bbl (206m3) Total volume c/w with agitators and remote
tank cleaning system
Fuel Capacity:
High Pressure Fluid Pumps:
Selected to suit application
Centrifugal Pumps:
2 x 87 kW Supercharge Pumps
2 x 63 kW Mix Pumps
2 x 21.3 kW Trip Tank Pumps
1 x 34 kW Cleaning Pump
Shale Shakers:
2 x Axiom AX-1 Triple Deck Shakers
Poor Boy Degasser:
36 bpm (5.7 m3/min) Liquid Capacity
150 psi SWP
10ft x 10in dia U Tube
Centrifugal Degasser:
31 bpm (4.9 m3/min) Liquid Capacity
Mixing Hopper:
6in High Shear Low Pressure Hopper
Cutting Handling:
Bi-direction Screw Conveyor System
Power Generation:
Power Control Room,
Generator size to fit application

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